Q&A with Alex Radin

  • When will the show be?
    I wish I could answer that. These paintings will each take a considerable amount of time to create, and I will need to balance working on this series with creating other work to pay the bills, since none of this work will be available for purchase until after the exhibit opens. Due to the large response from all over, I intend to have multiple exhibits and would like the show to be able to travel to other key cities. It has been slow going but one thing is for sure ... I will give pleanty of notice before the exhibit launches.

  • What type of photos will you be looking for in my Instagram and Facebook account?
    One of the main factors that will determine if a picture of you is chosen will be based on if you have candid shots of you in your social media accounts doing different things. I am not really looking for photos of you smiling at the camera while hugging your best friend, which are often times the types of pictures we all take. Another determining factor will be if the pictures have enough detail (image resolution) for me to work from.

  • What if I don't want you to use a particular picture that is online?
    Ok … no one has actually asked this question yet, but I thought it would be good to answer in case the thought crosses anyone's mind. If you have a particular photo(s) in your facebook account that you do not want me to use, you can click on that photo and click the edit button. Click on the dropdown that shows who can see it, which is probably set to "friends" and choose "custom". At the bottom there will be an option that says "Don't share this with These people or lists". Just put my name in there. That way when I come to your photos, it will be hidden from my view, but everyone else will still be able to see it. Instagram I have no idea. You may just have to live on the edge ;)

  • I am an artist/photographer ... Am I giving away my rights to my photos by saying yes to this?
    Not at all. You are simply allowing me to use part of one of your images which will become a derivative work. You still own the rights to all your images... in fact, I plan on crediting each person for the reference photos used during the exhibit. Because the image will become something entirely different, part of the fun will be for each person to figure out which photo of their's I used.

  • When will I know if I am in one of your paintings?
    I am hoping to incorporate everyone that responds with a yes. I have not decided yet when I will announce to people that I have painted them. Perhaps along the way or maybe right before the show. I think along the way though. That's what I am leaning towards especially for people from out of town in case they want to plan to come to the show.

  • If I donate to the GoFundMe campaign will that help my chances of getting into one of the paintings?
    No. Donating will simply help me spend less time working on other things to pay the bills and allow me to dedicate more of my time working on these paintings, so that the show happens sooner. It will also help extend the reach of the show. My hope is that it will generate enough support that the show can travel to other cities. You will get my serious heartfelt thanks, and I think there are some great rewards on my GoFundMe page too, so go check it out, and let me know what you think.

  • What are the other ways I can support the show besides signing up to be in the show?
    1) Help spread the word through your social networks. Go to the homepage of this site and click on the different share buttons or tell your friends whatever way you like. Sharing it helps me spread the word and also creates an opportunity for your friends to be in the show as well.
    2) You can donate through the GoFundMe page and get some great rewards at the same time.
    3) You can purchase art or sign up for my patron program.


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