2014 (4)

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

New Sketchbook

Written by Alex Radin

hanukkah2014-paintingsI picked up the sketchbook that I will be using for working on this series. I am still looking through everyones photos and following the inspiration as images get highlighted to me. This has been an interesting process so far especially getting to know some of you, that I have never met in person, through your images. I have been tempted many times to jump into sketching but have not yet. I am trying to get a broader spectrum as imagery and connections are happening on an abstract level. This is where many of the surprises happen for me as I take the approach of following the trail and seeing where it leads. At any rate I am itching to begin sketching in this book and plan to soon. I am currently working on another commission piece and doing more explorations in pattern. Here is a recent study that ended up being a companion piece to "Burn" (365dayspainting.com) titled "The Quiet Hours".

Friday, 21 November 2014

Beautiful People

Written by Alex Radin

So ... I have been actively searching through peoples pictures that have signed up and finding so much great content to work with. At this point I am still gathering reference material and will continue along those lines for some time but I am tempted to jump in and start on the first painting. I already have one very strong concept that I know will be one of the pieces in the show. I am also struggling with wanting to show you guys some of what I am up to without ruining the surprises. I feel like...

Monday, 03 November 2014

Patterns and Plans

Written by Alex Radin

365-sample1One of the things I am really excited about with this new series is that I am intentionally tapping back into some elements I was playing with right after I graduated from art school that can be seen more subtly throughout my work over the years but was more heavily evident during my last year at CCAD and the couple of years following graduation. Many of these works have never been publicly displayed as they were more experimentation, but some of what I am referring to can be seen in my early works gallery on my personal website. Pattern and the graphic breakup of space played a heavy role. This can be clearly seen in the pieces titled "Last Embrace" and "Waiting" from that gallery.

I am currently painting 365 8"x8" studies based on the theme of pattern and will be releasing one a day on the website 365dayspainting.com. Each painting is selling for $365, but if you purchase a share between now and December 5th, they are selling for $165, so make sure you go there and check that out.

Sunday, 02 November 2014

Ready to Launch

Written by Alex Radin

Since the initial word went out that I was looking for people to paint for this series till now, I have been working hard to wrap up things that I already started in order to free up time to focus all of my attention on this series. I have been playing with a number of concepts, and, yes, I have been looking through people's facebook accounts that have signed up and pulling interesting images to work from. So, keep being awesome, have people photograph you being awesome, and put it all on Facebook. I am paying attention.