Saturday, 28 February 2015


Written by  Alex Radin

Each time I sit down to work on this exhibit I feel like a kid that just sat down to open a foil wrapped package of baseball cards. It has been very interesting in approaching an entire exhibit from the aspect of searching and discovering ideas by looking through the lens of others. Each time I encounter hidden surprises that trigger whole new sets of ideas. I am in the process now of testing some of them out and seeing what works.

Each of you are so different with different likes and interests and ways of seeing and the photos you take and the pictures you post are little adventures that I get to go on. From an outside perspective I am most likely seeing things very differently since I was not present when and where the photos were taken. This opens up a whole realm of possibilities and my mind has been full with so many pieces and fragments of what seems to be a giant puzzle that all somehow fits together. I find myself thinking about this show throughout the day, when I am taking a shower, when I am driving, when I am eating a meal, when I am lying on my bed at night.

I want to take a moment and thank Anna Sobieszczyk, Sarah Harris, Brett Palmer, along with one anonymous donor who have all contributed through my gofundme page. Thank you for supporting me as an artist and helping me make this exhibit a reality.

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