Tuesday, 23 December 2014

New Sketchbook

Written by  Alex Radin

I picked up the sketchbook that I will be using for working on this series. I am still looking through everyones photos and following the inspiration as images get highlighted to me. This has been an interesting process so far especially getting to know some of you, that I have never met in person, through your images. I have been tempted many times to jump into sketching but have not yet. I am trying to get a broader spectrum as imagery and connections are happening on an abstract level. This is where many of the surprises happen for me as I take the approach of following the trail and seeing where it leads. At any rate I am itching to begin sketching in this book and plan to soon. I am currently working on another commission piece and doing more explorations in pattern. Here is a recent study that ended up being a companion piece to "Burn" (365dayspainting.com)titled "The Quiet Hours".

I am having a hard time deciding which one I like better. I really like them hanging together actually. I will post a better detail shot soon. Enjoy!