Sunday, 02 November 2014

Ready to Launch

Written by  Alex Radin

Since the initial word went out that I was looking for people to paint for this series till now, I have been working hard to wrap up things that I already started in order to free up time to focus all of my attention on this series. I have been playing with a number of concepts, and, yes, I have been looking through people's facebook accounts that have signed up and pulling interesting images to work from. So, keep being awesome, have people photograph you being awesome, and put it all on Facebook. I am paying attention.

So, some of you have wondered what I am looking for exactly. Mostly candid shots that are good quality. If your pictures come up super tiny, and I can't really see what is going on, I won't be able to work from them even if they are really cool shots. What inspires me often can change in a moment, and I am approaching this whole process from the standpoint of being led. Inspiration is sometimes hard to put a finger on, so even though I have a pretty good handle on what has inspired me in the past, I am wanting to stay in a place of listening, discovery, and being along for the adventure! So far it has been fascinating.