alexradin-workingAlex Radin's new series Kaleidoscopic Symphony has been generating quite a bit of interest lately, but what exactly is it all about? Alex has been tight-lipped regarding the details and has offered just enough information to interest people to get involved. He says, "Part of the fun of this exhibit will be the element of surprise, and that it is all inclusive. I literally want everybody, so if you are thinking to yourself, 'Would he really want to paint me and include me in the exhibit?', the answer is resoundingly, 'Yes!'" 

If you are not familiar with Radin's work, you can find out more about him on his website alexradin.com. Alex Radin is a contemporary artist living in the Charleston, South Carolina area and has been a part of the Charleston, SC art scene since 2002. He moved to Charleston after graduating from the Columbus College of Art and Design. His work has shown as a part of both solo and group exhibitions in South Carolina, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Illinois, and Texas. His work is heavily laden with symbolism and metaphor and executed in a surrealistic style.

8-GroundedAlex's new series Kaleidoscopic Symphony came to him as he was thinking about all the beauty that our universe holds. Radin recalls, "I was sitting there thinking about how amazing and almost unreal life is, all the detail on the bark of a tree, the patterns on the skin of your hands, and don't even get me started on clouds. I can lay down and look at clouds all day. With all that beauty that surrounds us every day what amazes me most is people. Life is short. The people I am surrounded by and the people I have the privilege to encounter are a gift." 

This led Alex to make the focus of his newest works you. Yes, you! The response so far has been amazing and Radin has made it clear that he wants to include as many people as possible. He is not looking for a certain age, gender, race or demographic. He is looking for everyone.

proximity discoverySound too broad? Well, there are certain criteria that may rule some people out. You need to have a Facebook and or Instagram account and agree to let Radin use your likeness from one of your photos. He has also made it clear that he is looking for candid shots mostly and that the images need to be clear and a high enough quality that he can see some good detail. 

In regards to keeping most of the details of the show itself hidden Radin says, "Discovering what images I used as reference and what those reference images became will be an element of the exhibit that I think people are really going to enjoy."

So, when will the first exhibit take place? Alex says, "I have no idea. I am realizing that these pieces will take me longer, and due to the great response, I am actually planning more paintings for this first exhibit than I had initially intended. My wife and I have four mouths to feed as well, so I will need to balance other painting commissions and works for galleries with working on this series, as they will not be available for purchase until the exhibit opens."

proximity journeyAlex has put together a gofundme.com page as an effort to allow him more concentrated time in the studio working specifically on this series, although he has made it clear that he will not be giving preference to the people who donate. Being selected for inclusion in one of his paintings will rest entirely on what he is inspired by while browsing your photos online. He does have some great rewards set up for those who do choose to donate, not to mention that you will have great joy in knowing that you were a part of helping make this show happen more quickly. 

Alex says, "This show is going to happen regardless of whether or not people donate, because I am excited and inspired by the idea. It's hard for me to stop once I have gotten started. Nevertheless, I am extremely thankful for everyone who values what I do and wants to be a part of it. It is incredibly encouraging when someone values your art and shows his or her support for it."

People can also sign up for Alex's Patron Program to support him on this journey and get some amazing original art as well.